Nearby Trip to Mount Helmos

Day off to climb Mount Helmos, visit the waterfall at "Ydata Stygos" and give our precious swores.

All the Gods, even Sun, swore on the Stigos Waters. It was the most sacred vow for Gods and in its waters they served their sentence when they were punished. The name of Stiga brought fear to Gods and humans. It was said that no living creature would survive after drinking its water. Both glass and clay broke as soon as they were sank in the water. Even metals as gold, silver and amber were misquoted. Only horses' hooves were resistenat and so Gods used them to drink Stigos' water. According to the greek myths Achilles was invulnerable, except for hes heel, known as "Achilles' heel". When he was born, his mother Thetis, steeped him in the Stiga waters to give him immortality. But the boy's heel never touched the water and so it became the only foible part of his body. That's where Paris, during the Trojan war years later, managed to lance and kill Achilles with his arrow.