Tai Chi & Nature Immersion

Tai Chi & Nature Immersion with Themis Vlachos

11 - 17 September, 2017

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Tai Chi is walking meditation and cultivation of internal energy. Both a martial art and a self healing one at the same time, Tai Chi is a way to connect and cooperate with nature and the universe, a way to become a warrior of life.
A beautiful art, full of grace and health benefits, but a martial one never the less, Tai Chi can teach us a way to live our lives. The never ending motion, the slow process, the grounding, the natural deep breathing, the focus, the meditation are only some of the aspects of the art. Considering that it is based on the observation of natures' way, one can only assume that Tai Chi can offer us a path back to mother Earth and further more back to our selves. Together with the undoubtable health benefits for body and soul, the self discipline and the warrior spirit but most importantly the cultivation of Chi energy, life force its self, Tai Chi can become, led by our will, a powerful tool for learning ourselves and improving our lives.

Why in the Mountains
Tai Chi can be practiced anywhere. However, practicing in nature whenever we get the chance, gives us the opportunity to work in a serene environment, thus be more focused and relaxed, but more importantly to observe what we work on. Where is the best place to study grounding and rooting if not in a forest? To observe the power of water over rock if not by a waterfall? To understand the constant flow if not in nature where everything is always in motion? What we study, nature already knows and can show us the way. 
The Practice
While you stay at Re-Green Permaculture farm, our training will include meditation, breathing and diaphragm exercises. Tao Yin (Chinese Yoga) for opening, stretching and strengthening the body. Exercises from different kinds of Chi Kung such us circular, snake body, soft, fan Yin and more, which will help our body coordination, strength, flexibility and the cultivation of Chi (energy) in different ways and of course outdoor practice and observation of nature. However, our main focus will be on a 16 movement Tao Yin form, a circular Chi Kung form, the “12 circles” and a Yang Tai Chi form, depending on your level, together with its martial applications for better understanding of the movements. The practice will be three times a day, either in Re-Greens natural built gathering hall, the Maloca, or outside in nature. Tai Chi is an art for everyone and your Physical condition and level will be taken under consideration during the practice. Please notice that silence mode will also be practiced in several occasions.
During your stay 
Re-Green Permaculture farm will provide us with a beautiful and friendly environment to practice the art of Tai Chi. Breath taking landscapes on the mountains of Achaia, waterfalls and lakes, will give us the opportunity to relax, practice and meditate with the sounds and the elements of nature. Most importantly at Re-Green, the way of Tai Chi is always present. You can be a part of our daily life and feed the animals or take them for a walk, harvest your daily food, make home made marmalades , herbal oils, water the plants , learn how to work with the land or building with natural materials. At your free time a lot of different hikes and walks are available in the area and a visit of the nearby waterfall is a must. If you do not feel like leaving the farm you can always sun bathe and swim in our natural swimming pond, enjoy the view from the Tree house or spend some time with our resident animals! One free morning for a dive into the blue Mediterranean waters is, of course a must.  
Accommodation and food
Three vegetarian meals a day are included, all local produce, a lot of them grown and harvested from our own gardens! Shared accommodation is offered in our beautiful traditional Greek stone houses with private bathrooms. 
Or please bring your own tent and take advantage of our camping site on the mountain terrain with views to the sea.

The Programme
08.30 – 10.00 Training  
10.00 – 11.00 Breakfast
11.00 – 14.00 Training
14.00 – 15.00 Lunch
15.00 – 18.00 Free time
18.00 – 20.00 Training
20.00 – 21.00 Dinner

Please note that our schedule is subject to alteration according to the training needs.

Prices and bookings
400 Euro per person including 3 meals a day, accommodation and pick up service from Akrata village 
300 Euro per person in our Camping area with your own tent. 
Bathroom facilities provided.

 For bookings or questions please email

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About Themis Vlachos
Teaching Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style), Chi Kung and Tao Yin along with Performing Arts (Physical theatre) and Contact Improvisation.
He has been hosting workshops and seminars, teaching Physical theatre, Contact Improvisation, Martial Arts in Theatre and Body Awareness all around Europe (Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Germany, etc), since 1997. He has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and Tao Yin for the past three years. At the moment he leaves on the mountains of Ahaia where he hosts retreats and private immersions.
His classes focus on relaxing the body, connecting with the Cosmic Energy (Chi) through breathing and moving meditation, the flow of the movement and the balance of the opposing forces within the body. His many years of experience allow him to individually work with his students, making his classes suitable for everyone.
He started Martial Arts in 2002.
⁃ Saolin Chan Chuan and Eagle Claw Kung Fu (Gray belt) with Sifu Panagiotis Dervendis. (Weapons: DAO sword)
⁃ Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style), Chi Kung (Saolin,Tai Chi,Wudang) and Tao Yin (advanced student/instructor), with Sifu Andonis Yannoulis. (Weapons: DAO Sword, Staff) 
In 2015 he competed in the Martial Arts Greek Championship and was awarded the bronze medal in Traditional Tai Chi Chuan, category Bare Hands.
Originally studying Acting and Theatre Directing he has been apart performing arts and physical theatre since 1992. He has attended numerous workshops throughout the years, such us,Miming with A. Koutroumbis, Modern dance (Release Technique) with N. Louladaki,Physical Theatre, African dances and Contact Improvisation with M. Mendez, Physical Theatre and Contact Improvisation with Grzegorz Bral, Bhutoh Japanese dance with Masaki Iwana and M. G. Rotie, e.t.c....He has colaborated with the National Greek Theatre for 4 years, as an actor and the Mental Education Centre (ΚΨΑ) for 1 year as a Drama Therapist.Founder of the experimental theatre company “Theatro sto Metehmio” (Θέατρο στο Μεταίχμιο – Theatre on the Edge) in 1992, directing and performing in over 20 performances all around Europe ever since.