Re-Green & Yoga 2017

Re-Green & Yoga - Life in a Permaculture Farm

21st - 27th July  &  26th August - 1st September

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Since the 1970’s people worldwide have adapted and experimented with permaculture and integrated it into their lifestyles and thinking. A system of designing life following natures example extending in all levels of how to perceive life, of how to assist re-generating the earth and live with it rather than on it - to manage a deeper understanding of oneself.  Allowing yourself to be immersed into a life of Permaculture & Natural living for a week can offer the experience to gain knowledge of how to implement new principles and practices into day to day life. A new experience in the mountains of Greece with fresh water to swim and opportunity to open to new experiences.

Caring for the earth begins with caring and nurturing oneself - thus we start the day with the practice of Yoga, a usual morning start at Re-Green. Through asana (physical exercise), pranayama, (breathing exercises) and meditation, we will create intentions for the day, become more mindful and aware of our own bodies and habits.
Classes will be taught by Amber Buckley mornings offer an energetic hatha flow based lesson. (see bio below) Exploring standing, balancing, backbends, forward folding and inversions. Asana will be balanced with mindful breathing and meditation techniques and practices. All suitable from beginners to advanced levels with variations given to suit individual needs. The hand natural built Maloca creates a quiet calm space to breath and practice, including some outside classes within a nature walk and afternoon Yoga restoration by the natural swimming pond.

As we move through the day there are many projects that are available to join us in daily life, from harvesting fruits and vegetables, gardening, discussing with Christos about different natural building techniques or taking a walk with Flery to learn about the surrounding herbs and their healing qualities, harvesting and making oils and tinctures. Plus spending time with our extended family of furry loved ones – dogs, cats, ducks, chickens and Maya our resident donkey who all continually love to receive affection, play and be cared for.

3 vegetarian meals are included daily and prepared by our chef with organic and local produce most form our own garden. Fresh salads, greek dishes and fruit smoothies on the menu. A beach day is taken with everyone, down to the local beach bar for a swim in the beautiful greek sea – although the natural waterfall with sweet fresh water is 10 minutes away and can be visited anytime!

For these 6 days our wish is to invite guests into the space of Re-green and feel at home, experiencing life here, yoga and permaculture together.

Shared accomodation will be in the renovated natural stone built 250year old traditional guesthouse with private bathrooms . See pictures in the discussions section.
For those of you who may prefer camping,a quiet area with views of the mountains on our land is available, please bring your own camping equipment and contact us for more details.

Retreat Includes – 
6 nights Shared Accomodation
3 Daily Vegetarian meals daily 
All Yoga lessons – every morning & allocated afternoons
Day trip to our local beach for swimming and lunch
Visit to our neighbours self sustaining farm ‘liveloula’
Participation in daily projects and discussions with everyone here at Re-Green


All Inclusive €420* per person - guesthouse accomodation

Camping - BYO tent - 320€ per person 
- bathrooms facilities provided

To reserve your space or additional question email
A deposit of 100€ is requested to hold your space

Telephone – Flery +30 6948407233 // Amber +30 6949122813
*10% discount is offered for Greek nationals

For more information, biographies and pictures see the discussion board section

in this event or visit –