Summer Wellness & Yoga 2017

Summer Wellness & Yoga

7 Day Retreat  6 - 12th June  or  Weekend Escape 9 - 11 June

summer wellnes final

Summer is a time of expansion and growth. A time to experience outward activity and lightness. To swim in the cool waters, taste the colours of fruits and vegetables and connect to the nourishment of the sun just as the gardens do. We invite you to join us for a week of Wellbeing and Yoga at Re-green Permaculture Farm in the Peloponnese. To practice mindfulness of what we consume & develop a healthy relationship with food, herbs, living habits & ourselves- moving with our body, breath and spirit. To flow with morning Hatha Yoga lessons of asana & pranayama and establish a daily meditation. Discuss wellness & the diversity within a balanced lifestyle, Forage for food & herbs, walk, collect flowers & seeds, make tinctures & oils and learn the healing qualities within the abundance of nature. Resting into restorative yoga therapy afternoons in the shala to deepen our awareness of our inner being and relax the nervous system or honour the flowing waters at the nearby waterfall. 

We will consume delicious, nutrient-rich foods and local organic produce. Drink fresh smoothies and juices everyday and enjoy meals from our in-house chef. Fresh salads, fruits, whole grains and the most amazing juicy tomatoes straight from the garden. Explore the relationship of Yoga asana with the internal organs and digestive system and stretch and expand our bodies, resulting in finding space for reflection with meditation.


Owner & Founder Flery Fotiadou shall share her knowledge and studies, a wonderful combination of ancient Greek, traditional Chinese and South American studies of holistic and natural herbal medicine. Her own personal experiences with these ailments and different uses and techniques to heal the body with natural medicine. She shares Permaculture practices and techniques to create a garden without any chemicals and the importance of every plant and its purpose.

Resident Yoga Teacher Amber Buckley offers a range of yoga practices all connected and corresponding with the surrounding beauty of nature. Some lessons will be in the natural built Maloca/ shala where it is cool and welcoming to move and breath, yet with all the flowing water surrounding the village…. off site lessons and silent walks through the bountiful forest are special and sacred.  

Our intention is to practice, on all levels of our daily life - practice awareness, mindfulness, gratitude and reflection, internally and externally. To share our knowledge of how the earth holds so many healing aspects and offer a space to be joyful and celebrate summer. 

Re-green has been hosting retreats for the last 6 years. Located in the beautiful scenic village of Seliana, Greece. An active permaculture farm practicing and exploring how to create regenerative living. 
It is the perfect environment to cleanse. After the renovation and restoration of their guesthouses, this historical building today consists of 5 rooms. Every room is different, however all of them offer a combination of a traditional essence, coziness and are made with natural local materials. With cocomat bedding & private bathrooms, surrounding facilities include temazcal steam house, (which we will use!) natural built spacious maloca ‘yoga shala’, natural built swimming pond, communal hangout comforts, our wonderful animals including Maya the resident donkey and enjoying the active gardens for space and reflection. Easily accessible, it is 160 km from Athens ( 2.5hrs) in the Northern Peloponnese.

Retreat Includes
6 nights shared accomodation
3 vegetarian meals per day
Daily Yoga lessons - asana, pranayama, meditation
Wellbeing discussions of nutrition and healing
Guided walks and foraging
Temazcal steamhouse session
Use of all facilities
Pick up and drop off from Akrata 
(the closest beach town) 

Price: 7 Day summer wellness Retreat -  520€

          3 Day Weekend Escape €170 

**All Inclusive

A 100€ deposit is asked to confirm your place - 
please contact us for more details email:

*Greek Nationals please contact for discount on week retreat.

About Amber Buckley
Amber is originally from Australia and lives in the Peloponnese, Greece.Moving to the Greek Islands 4 years ago with the instinctual feeling to change her life Yoga supported her through this transition and became an even more apparent part of her day from practicing for years in Australia. After teaching in Athens for some time she now lives and works in the Permaculture Center – Re-Green, located in the tiny village of Seliana. Welcoming many visitors from around the globe! She teaches daily Yoga Classes/ retreats and is so grateful to integrate this life with her personal life of learning and applying permaculture principles and ethics. Growing/ cooking organic produce, using herbs and vegetables and maintaining a relationship with nature, which reflects into her practice and teachings. She is certified with Yoga Alliance after completing a 350hr (200RYT) Yoga Teacher Training with Swaha Yoga Center - Hatha, Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga, a 40hr teacher training course with David Swenson Ashtanga Primary Series and is currently studying a 500hr Yoga Therapy Program certified with the International Yoga Therapy Association taught by Nancy Candea. Offering a diversity of classes from dynamic creative vinyasa lessons through to therapeutic restoration and relaxation awareness practices. Pranayama, breathing awareness, meditation and applying the practice into daily life is a strong aspect of her class along with enjoying the present moment and listening/ becoming more mindful of your body. Studying the measures of Yoga through science and esoteric practices are both apparent and as important. 
Previously working with individuals for injury, depression, chairyoga, seniors and beginners it has given her the opportunity to be able to offer safe variations during the lessons so that the practice is approachable and enjoyable for everyone. Continuing to deepen her personal practice, attending various seminars and workshops some of her influences that she has meet and attended their practices include David Swenson, Michael Stone, Patrick Broome, Todd Tesen and many Jivamukti teachers / classes, She visits Athens throughout the year to offer classes/ workshops and to stay in touch with the Yoga community, friends and students. 

About Flery Fotiadou
Grew up in Athens, studied business administration and worked for over 15 years in marketing outdoor sports events and a few in environmental NGO’s. From the early years of her life she discovered the natural world and spent as much time there as possible, climbing mountains, crossing rivers and canyons, freecamping by the sea. During her last job as Sports Marketing Manager in a big multinational company she felt like “a caged bird” and she decided to leave Athens with her partner. Together with Christos they founded Re-Green, an Ecoculture centre based on a mountain countryside in the Peloponnese, Greece, aiming to actively experience the power of Green and Regenerative Living. At the same time she studied ancient Greek medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition, Mediterranean herbal medicine, apistherapy and currently she is exploring South American shamanic practices. Returning to the land to live there she've spent time learning about Permaculture and other natural methods and systems of cultivating the land that she actively practices in everyday life.