12 Day Permaculture Design Course 2017

12 day Permaculture Design Course

Full Certified PDC, 22nd June - 4th July 2017
Led by Dr. Rod Everett assisted by Mill Millichap


This course shows a way to live a mindful life, following an ecological design system that integrates all components of the ecosystem in a holistic approach to sustainable and regenerative living.Taught by our returning leading teachers Rod Everett and Mill Millichap (our 6th year!!). Guest teacher Marios Desyllas (bio / homeodynamic agriculture) will also be offering discussions and support throughout.

80 hours Tuition, held in English

The course will result in a full Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC). The intensive course requires a full attendance, therefore even local attendees are expected to stay on site.

Including but not only learning & applying permaculture principles and ethics, group design projects, practical projects, discussions on all levels / topics, exploring the surrounding village, mountains and staying at Re-Green Ecoculture Centre ~ an active Permaculture Farm. Benefiting anyone who wishes to design and find a new way of living that is in tune with the natural world and the real needs of humans and the earth.

Please also expect to have fun!!

Re-Green is located in the beautiful scenic village of Seliana, Greece. Easily accessible, it is 160 km from Athens in the Northern Peloponnese. How to get to us?..

Course fee / Tuition - €420, including food ( vegetarian)

Accommodation /Entire Stay

*Camping €30 ( your own equipment)
*Guest House €150 (shared room, see pictures!)

About Note from Rod Everett - I was brought up in a beautiful valley surrounded by wise trees, talkative birds, inquisitive mammals, fleeting butterflies and the musical River Roeburn. They have taught me much over the years along with dog companions, who have shown me hidden places and allowed me to interact with nature. I have been very privileged to still be living in the same valley as I played as a child. Lea Harrison ran a teacher training course and advanced design course in our house in 1990. This started most of the UK Permaculture design teachings - out was a great course.Later I participated in a creative teaching course with Skye. This really inspired me and has been the stimulant for my teaching technique. Whole body learning enables the permaculture principles to become an integral part of your life.My great friend and co teacher Mill MillChap brings his knowledge and skill of growing food for many years and living a thoughtful and simpler life. He always adds his wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for life to our joint courses.

Re-Green is an Ecoculture centre based on a mountain countryside in the Peloponnese, Greece, aiming to actively experience the power of Green and Regenerative Living.

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