About the Guest House

pandoxioOpsi350x280Re-Green's Guest House or Pandocheon is a stone built house 250 years old, carrying along a small history within its walls which goes back at the times when Greece was enslaved by the Turks. At that time it was the house of the Tax Collector of the Ottoman army. After the nation's liberation, a female Primary School was established there and served until 1903. Later on it became a private home. 

The building is a typical traditional house consisting of an upper and a ground floor. The basement was used to store goods and keep the animals while the upper floor was the main residence. The entrance to the house was by an external staircase to the upper floor. The roof is pitched and simple four-sided. The main, if not exclusive constructive material was stone and wood on the frames whereas the main binder was mud enhanced with lime.

After the renovation and restoration, this historical building today consists of 5 rooms. Every room is different, however all of them offer a combination of a traditional essence, cozyness and are made by natural local materias and as much as possible energy saving techniques and solutions.

Last but very important for the history of this house and its surroundings is that until recently it drew the attention of the Archeological Authorities, as from 50cm under the soil's surface, archeological treasures where excavated, dated at 5th century BC.

Currently, the guest house is under final renovation and will be ready to operate this summer (2012)